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military stand up. Nick Lorenz is here: mental health speaking up.

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Hey Folks,

tonight it is one of those nights you say your self what the hell am I doing here? and Nick came his way on the Coping with PTSD which I still have on my Facebook Page and I am very glad I opened that notification.

He was just waving mentioning his social medias and saying that his post could not allow attachement, which in fact is one of the rules of those groups.

Finally, I let you introduce Nick by him self, he is from Arizona and is a proud father. I love your energy, bro, I am on the moon because I am finding ex firefighters starting to speak up. You mention that your struggling began from 2016, same than I. I know that in 2017 USA knew more than 370 mass shootings in one year, as statistiques said. That means one per day. I cannot believe that.

On my way through recovery I want to point out this movie which came by accident on my playlist on the Tube and can link right down. It was the first movie specific on PTSD after a rampage in a cafe. Won’t add more on the topic. If you are reading here it means you know what I am talking about and let you continue the endeavour.

Take care. Love you ALL.

You can find Nick at Instagram and You Tube as:


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    1. Hi Cherie, I appreciate your attention and your words. At the very start I was shy and did not feel enough qualified to do that. Until I met virtually a few, exchanged life experience, and it was exactly the Same Thing. Different levels, maybe, but same struggling. Empathy can be a superpower in order to share feelings and thoughts. We need to break this wall between military and civvie, we are all the same. Except, as civvie, I am aware that I prob knew only a very tiny little bit of what they have been through. The positive note is that they are starting to speak up ..this is a go. x

          1. Oh, my goodness, Antonella! Please allow me to apologize for calling you Gauri- she was the one I spoke to just before speaking to you and I goofed! Lol 😆

            1. ahaha no worry, I got you !!! ahaha I would like to ask you Something via mail, do you mind? as indie publisher …I would love to share your experience with me just starting … please x

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