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New Deal btw black and white. let’s get viral.

Enough is enough.

I was born in 70s but I know a story called “the help” which stroke the boxes … it was the story of black people in America.

I also watched movies like The color Purple which moved me as a little girl born in Italy. I felt empathy for black people even though I did not know any black men or women or children in my small town.

My greatest models are Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.

I speak up to 6 languages if you count my dialect and a little LSF French Sign language because communication is biggest aim in my life; ultimate purpose like understanding other points of view.

Today I find the new protests against invisible enemies just ridiculous.

Enough is enough.

I live in Paris suburbs since 13 years next december.

My ex boy friend was “meticé”. nor black nor white and he felt really uncomfortable. In France, he did not feel accepted as much in Martinique Islands he did not feel at home. In fact, he was born in Paris.

To him, unexpectedly, the global society owed him something. He played victim role as the best of game player and his hope was that I came in France to own my job so that he could stay at home and do nothing except playing on video games. Thanks to him I knew what narcissism stands for and since I got a huge culture detecting that personality type which very toxic for empathic types.

On the opposite, still in France, I could meet the first warden I could when I needed protection at work; because -guess what – of my PTSD……..

The black power in France is very strong. My counselor is african and he helped me to save my job not only he made me understand that go back to Italy jobless at home was not the best option for me.

Black people in France know the law by heart, they often do two jobs and protect other members of the Community, regardless their sckin color !

They are not all good nor all bad. I was very unlucky with first encounter, but it led me to my destiny here, and very grateful for second part of my life, and french experience, with my counselor.

Now, Rosa Parks is still very present in black people in France, since a stop at train station, in a cité suburbs (popular quartiers) is named to her with pride .

Rosa Parks statue to be unveiled Sunday | 8News

If you are born after 1990 I just gave you two tips to better understand what it means fighting for your rights as a black person. I probably forgot Black Panthers, and Mandela stories… but I don’t have all day here to tchit tchat about Black power, right ahahaahah

What I can add is turn off the radio and the telly and take a book in your hands. Go watch those movies. Do your own research and make up your mind if these protesters are good or bad for your Country.

Last dedicace, one of my fave black power stories: Hurricane carter.

Hurricane Carter - film 1999 - AlloCiné

Honestly, we cannot go backward 60 or 70 years because you need to votes for your political campaign. The world deserves much more than this and we will create it with our hands. Despite your greed and lack of phantasy.

So from now on I have a new deal for us, if you agree with it.

This is my proposal ; since I like how brown and pink as shadows match togheter…… what you think if we change terms like strawberry and chocolate?

L'immagine può contenere: cibo
Or we will go back to Sicties which can be fair if I had vintage cloths to put on and match with boots. and glasses …

ps. I am aware of my spelling faults but I will leave them. this is my personal dedicace to The Help writer who used her mispelled language to write her destiny. I found a copy in the English library in Paris and it was just amazing, I had no idea …

Not anonymously, Antonella Barberini Web Editor, Author and Genius

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