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Naval cadet turns delivery man to help isolated and vulnerable people

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In these difficult times, we are amazed at the number of stories of military men and women coming forward to go the extra mile for us all. They are not about to let a virus bring us down.

Ben Baily, a naval cadet in Dartmoor, is one such serviceman. The 21-year-old set up a delivery service to make sure that people who are isolating without a support system or those that are more vulnerable can breathe a little easier.

Baily has been delivering provisions to the elderly and those at a higher risk because of Covid-19. He started the service with his friend Sam Fabian Miller, and shows up twice a week with the essentials that people need.

The area the navel cadet lives in is one that holds a good number of those categorized as at-risk. The public transport isn’t much to boast about, which means that getting the bare essentials would require a fairly long car ride.

The two lads, popularly known as ‘Sam and Ben, the delivery men’ make their delivery runs on Tuesday and Saturday. For many, they aren’t just a blessing in disguise because of the things they bring with them, but also a break from loneliness because of the little interaction they offer to the people they are helping (while practicing safe distances, that is).

“When lockdown was initiated, we knew that considering the average age in our community, a lot of people were going to struggle. We really love our community and wanted to help the people in it the best we could,” Sam said.

“By providing a friendly door-to-door service for free, people get the goods they need and have a social interaction in the day,” he added.

The local community has helped the two lads wholeheartedly. It is heartwarming to know that our communities are being looked after by people like these two fine young men. Let’s support our soldiers by continuing to practice healthy habits, it’s the least we can do.

Updated on: May 18th 2020, 9:53 PM

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