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Magical Forest kid’s guided meditation.

Bonjour Beautiful Souls,

I just got this in my mailbox, I would be happy to share with you and your families, in case you have kids around. You lucky ones:)

Wish you happy unlock down xx


This meditation was made for the Kookaburra Kids Foundation! An amazing organisation that supports kids living with families affected by mental illness.

In it, we journey with our rainbow colored bird guide through a forest of magical creatures until we meet grandfather tree. Whose roots feed and sustain the entire forest through the energy of gratitude.

Scientists have repeatedly confirmed beyond a doubt that our emotions have a powerful influence on the function of our cells. In the most simplistic of terms, human DNA is coiled in specific ways and scientists have repeatedly found that in the presence of low vibrational emotions such as frustration, the coil tightens and cannot be read clearly, therefore is not expressed properly.

And in the presence of high vibrational emotions such as gratitude, the coil relaxes and can be read and expressed to it’s fullest potential. This shows us what we have known anecdotally for thousands of years, that our emotions create well-being or disease in our bodies.

This is the stuff our kids need to know and unfortunately isn’t being taught in our schools, but luckily school is only a small part of a child’s education. So if there’s a child in your life – whether you are a parent, auntie, teacher or something in between – share this meditation with them or even better do it with them (actually I even do this one myself and yes I do share it with my students at school and they love it!)

Don’t forget to like share and subscribe! and Ill see you in the meditation 🙂

Steph xx

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“You are the chosen one, and if you choose not to take action, nature will choose someone else.”    – Emily Fletcher 

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