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Prince Harry’s project a tool for mental health support:

“I’ve long believed the military community should lead the way for the rest of society. For too long we have been waiting for problems to arise and then reacting to them,” Harry wrote in a statement. “HeadFIT is a proactive approach to mental fitness, focusing on our own potential to increase our performance, using proven methods in sport science.”

“HeadFIT is a resource for everyone — whatever your job, whatever your rank, whatever you’ve got going on at home,” Harry said in a video on the HeadFIT website. “Our service personnel are vital role models in society, and we need you to be able to access that extra 10, maybe 15% — something that can only be attained when you adopt a regular routine for training the mind and the body as one single unit. I know this to be true. It works for me.”

Prince Harry launches mental fitness tool for soldiers

Although he has left his role in the military, Prince Harry is continuing to stay connected to soldiers in some form or the other. Most recently, he is helped bring to life a mental fitness tool. Supporting soldiers was always important for the Duke of Sussex, and it seems he is trying to keep at it – even from a distance.  

Called HeadFIT, the tool is actually a much needed answer to the mental health question. It’s no secret that issues like PTSD, anxiety, depression and trauma worry many soldiers long after they have left the service. The project in question has been in the works for three years.

Talking about the project, Prince Harry said that he wanted the armed forces to train their mind and body as one. “We need you to be able to access that ten or fifteen per cent, something which can only be attained when you adopt a regular routine for training the mind and the body as a single unit. I know this to be true. It works for me,” he said.

The HeadFIT project seems more relevant and important because of the Covid-19 threat. It has been created in collaboration with The Royal Foundation’s Heads Together campaign, MoD and King’s College London. The expert advice of Dr Vanessa Moulton also helped during development.

Soldiers who use the tool can make use of the many exercises and relaxation techniques it contains. It has different options that different soldiers can use for their wellbeing, does not matter if one is a new recruit or a seasoned veteran. If anything, the tool could prove useful to civilians too.

“Today, when we talk about fitness, we don’t just mean how fast you can run or how much weight you can carry. This is about mental fitness, strength and resilience, not just while wearing a uniform, but for the rest of your life,” Prince Harry went on to say.

Earlier, the Duke urged more vets to come forward and rejoin service to help fight the pandemic. He called the response of those who had already rejoined a “wonderfully British thing”.

Hopefully, the tool will prove useful in terms of maintaining health and wellbeing for all our men and women in uniform, alongside our veterans.

Updated on: April 30th 2020, 5:16 PM

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