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Trump like Caiaphas?

 The syndrome of Caiaphas
Alberto Stilgenbauer

 Then the high priest tore his clothes, saying:”He has blasphemed! What need have we of witnesses?Here, you have now heard his blasphemy. What do you think? “.They said: “It ‘deserves to die.”Mt.26, 63-66I asked, but because he tore his clothes? A theater scene, the “Supreme” Garments are torn because they can not contain anger, the hurt, the betrayal of his authority, and then … and then the show demanded it.Tearing of clothes is also valid according to the class of membership (Class-term dormant for decades and which ultimately comes in handy).One thing is that if the clothes in rags, a poor house, one thing is that if a character rags “Supreme” in the first case is considered insane or criminal, in seconds, at least all of you to click on youtube.The “Supreme” with his gesture straccesco, takes the attention on himself, the audience emotionally charged and organizes manipolatndola, colludes with the paternalistic dimension, makes the spectators of the scene and actors mythicize antagonist (Caiaphas), letting it become a protagonist taking back control of unsuspecting paying public.The syndrome is very close to each Caiaphas more than it seems, has to do with the scandalized programmed with the search for the nitpicking, the unbearable insult and shame to the social figure of those who became “the Supreme “.The syndrome is not the only game Caiaphas neoemozionale, acting not think there is a hidden perverted thinking, a plan to make the murderers dressed as victims.Dante Alighieri’s Inferno in Canto XXIII Caiaphas among the hypocrites, of a particular type of hypocrisy is the hypocrisy of those who do I ever, claim to know good and evil and I have the pretension to become the Supreme Priest, that IO D’IO,  IO GOD, GOD!.For caifanismo is difficult to accept that there is someone else who claims to be the Son of God, a threatening competition to resize, delete by purchasing power and conquer before taking all the stalls, including clothes and box office revenue.The syndrome Caiaphas has to do with power without responsibility, or because there is no jurisdiction or power, and Caiaphas did not see each other for what it is: a stranger with which to discover and be discovered, not in the sense of “rend their garments.” The other is what has to answer only to question the assertion mystified: either with me or against me! Subjecting themselves to power.Caiaphas syndrome is widespread and is found in all living systems, is used: in the family, workplace, school, politics and of course in economics. Just think of the hard work you are doing with liberalization by the “Orders” professional in Italy.The fear of the new, the young man who takes away the power of caste and how unreal economy dominate the global market and make tremble condos, families, people with a fear of being crucified in the name of the debt in GDP, the spread .The syndrome kills hope Caiaphas, the credibility and dignity of many young and not only does crucify many poor cristi!And above zero competence.

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