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Tom Moore and the lovely VA Brits.

Chers Amis,

You know how much I already love them since the recent escape (from retreat) of Bernard Jordan who served in Royal Navy to reach the 70th anniversary of D DAY in Normandy. Now it’s Tom Moore to strike it Walking for National Health Service at age 99 (soon 100).

9 millions sterlings for NHS.

A 99-year-old army veteran who has raised more than £9m for the NHS said the fundraising has been “completely out of this world”.

Tom Moore aimed to raise £1,000 by completing 100 laps of his Bedfordshire garden by Thursday.

“Every penny that we get, they [the NHS] deserve every one of it,” he said, as the total exceeded the £5m mark.

Meanwhile, a school girl has started a campaign for children to make cards for his 100th birthday on 30 April.

Reegan Davies, eight, from Port Talbot, Wales, has set a goal of making 1,500 virtual cards.

“You can post them on any social media with the hashtag #makeacardfortom.” she said.

Twitter post by @DaviesReegan: We want to give back to this Legend TOM @captaintommoore who has raised over One Million pound for our @NHSMillion - we are kindly asking all kids across the UK to make him a Virtual Birthday card to say thanks - here are the instructions #makeacardfortom Please all share #NHS

Mr Moore began raising funds to thank the “magnificent” NHS staff who helped him with treatment for cancer and a broken hip.

With the aid of a walking frame, he hoped to walk 100 laps of the 25-metre (82ft) loop in his garden in Marston Moretaine, in 10-lap chunks, before his 100th birthday.

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