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Global Meditation 4:44 am Paris (10h45 pm in America) I am thrilled! Tonight

You are inviting to participate in a powerful meditation to help raise the vibration of the planet right NOW

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About this Event

In line with the auspicious frequencies of the 444 star gateway which is pending on the 4th of April 2020 (4:4:4). You are invited to join Gundyarri, Paul Seils and Petah-Jane for a mass global meditation ONLINE this Sunday at 4:44pm AEST.

An Auspicious time on Earth, the 4:4:4 is a powerful frequency on Earth at this time for powerful change. Everyone is invited to participate in this powerful event: Angel Number 444: 04/04/2020

4+4+2+0+2+0 = 4/4/4

This extremely special meditation is part of a global move to invite the codes of the Pleiadian realms (444 light years from Earth) as the Divine Light Diamond Codes of Christ Consciousness pour into the Earth for healing in what is essentially a 4 year and at the end of the first quarter of the year, we find ourselves shifting gears in no uncertain terms. We now arrive at this sacred and pivotal point of reflection, as we are invited to become a catalyst of inspired vision and sacred action with all of our flaws and imperfections. And so, the shift towards a more beautiful world, begins.

This is a powerful transmission, for men, women and all those who feel called to participate around the globe. There is no age limit. It is non denominational, and is suitable for all ages, races, and people of differing belief systems are welcome. This is an apocalyptic time on earth, where the veils are lifting with increased with many of us called to come together for this transmission in Divine Love, Peace and Harmony at this time, allowing for fear, control and patterns to dissolve.

The 2020 vision is all about clarity, the embodiment of connection, and the awakening of humanity. What happens now, has an impact on the universe for at least the next 20 years. At this powerful time, the veils are lifted and we are invited to collectively support one another as we transition through this “emerge-n-see” and move towards the mighty flow of sacred action in this 4 year which is all about transformative change, and the evolution of the soul as our 3rd eye is awakened, and what’s seen can never be unseen, from the flashes of awareness we are receiving to the intuitive insights of deep dreams, to the ‘seeing’ beyond the realm of the here and now, into the gateway of higher consciousness.

There’s work to be done. This is about stepping up, as we are called towards change that reveals a deep and authentic beauty. And while the process might be uncomfortable, and the changes confronting, we know there is never a change that comes our way that never doesn’t serve a higher purpose. We invite you to participate in this magnificent meditation for the purpose of elevating the shift towards a beautiful world built on the foundations of Love. This is where we step towards a universal harmony!

This is a time of powerful insight and transcendence into an awakened consciousness, and in line with the 4th Law of the Universe: the law of Polarity, where we learn that there are two sides to everything. Love and hate, peace and war, positive and negative, good and evil, yes and no, light and dark, energy and matter. We are being called upon to transcend the fears we have to invite courage by consciously raising our vibration in the ancient Hermetic traditions.

At this pivotal time on earth we learn that everything is dual – everything has poles, and that opposites are identical in nature. All truths are but half truths, and all paradoxes may be reconciled. Here’s where we can actually start to engage with the energies of the Divine, with the help of Gundyarri: Wradjuri Woman | Freedom Fighter | Water Woman and Pro Wildlife Photographer; Paul Seils – Entrepreneur | Freedom Fighter and Petah-Jane: Divine Feminine Healer | Intuitive Entrepreneur | Modern Priestess

Join us for this beautiful offering which is occurring at a pivotal time on Earth. A meditation that calls for humanity to release its fears, it’s poor understanding of control, and invite us all to work together as a collective, offering a unified field of support to one another uplifting the planet and raising its vibration to help us all move past these outdated control paradigms as you receive your own Divine codes for Christ Consciousness and the Diamond Light Portal of Awakening.

To participate download ZOOM at then join us at this link:

Event will open at 4:30pm and begin at 4:44 sharp.

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