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How to Crochet for Absolute Beginners.

Here we go, ladies (and why not gentlemen), I bet you are far more Advanced than me, in hand made knitting stuff.

Start Small.

As far as regarding Mental Health, crochet, was what really helped me keeping my mind “knot” on the ground in the aftermath of terror attacks.

It was the best discovery I could do in crafting. Now I am eager to improve my skills just for fun.

Crochet for Men?

Yes. Did you know that Macramé (knots technique) was born during the nights that sailors spent over the Sea?

Macramé was not only a hobby to spend the time in a creative way, but also a way to distract mind from overthinking, and focus on hand work. My grandfather was him self a Navy Lad, in his youth, and ended his life fixing / repariring webs of sailors in Cesenatico.

In WWI, wounded soldiers spent their time lying in bed and …knitting. This was a great help for Mental Health. Find your Patterns and  Give it a chance.  You might be surprised of how it feels good just doing it, and feeling bright colored or natural yarn in your fingers …

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