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Art is not perfect, Life is neither. Reality vs Ideal.

Bonjour les Art Girls,

while I was painting and working on my cards, today, after a few years I haven’t taken time for art, I found my Self caught in troubles. My alphabet letters were coming out on reverse. My patchwork of old book pages were sticked to cardboard with glue and upside down. Oups, what the hell, will I ever take time to check before I do something ?

Then, I thought, « go to hell », this is perfectly matching my « art philosophy » to break rules, to be spontaneous, after all it’s my art, and this is my style. Not perfect !

When I found my self painting letters from right to left, I was thinking to those times when my father mocked me comparing my art to Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. He was joking, of course, but parents can’t even imagine how bad you can do to children when they are growing up unconfident. Leonardo wrote from right to left, did you know ? He was left handed, and in my generation, still grandparents tell to girls to use their right hand, because left is considered « evil ».

Well, I have been growing up in a middle class light Catholic family, with some self reflections and exceptions.

Mistakes, I did some mistakes in my painted cards. I wanted smaller letters, and I chose bigger. It was also my first time with kisses …which I love. They are so playful and uplifting. Lips marks seemed to be so hard to paint. Until I found out that they are so easy. Lips are all different, you can disguise them as much as you like. Nobody will care if they are bigger, or thinner, or larger. They are unique. The more you « move » the lipstick mark the better. Oh, wow, first letter I wasn’t sure what to write. So I canceled the letter. When I did it, color faded away. Oh, no, it’s a mess, I thought, in the real beginning. And finally, it was a find. Did you hear the story of Tarte Tatin ? It’s the traditional french pie. The baker who invented it let it fall down and it came out on reverse. Apples on the bottom of the cake. And much cinnamon and jelly on the top. Delicious. My lips went the same. The more I scratched red color, the more they were real.

My dears, I hope you find some tips for your Valentines, and if not, consider making some for your Self to use as journaling, or diary, in this windy month of february.

My Etsy BeautifulGiftShop is just updated.

Lonely Wolves, I am thinking of you !

Happy Valentines.

Parisian Sparkle xx

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
Web Editor, Dreamer and Author

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