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Choose to be here Tomorrow.

Today I was sharing my lunch time with jobmates, it’s rare, cos they are quite toxic people and I Don’t feel comfortable with any of them. Uh!

The topic was pain and body aches. My older colleague (55 ) is going to physiotherapist since one year now, and she is not getting any better. She went through surgery, for her jaws. The doctor explained her that she is very tense, and she should relax; she is taking pills everytime she goes for visits ( like Xanax and other stuff ).

The physiotherapist told her she might go to a psychologist in order to check what’s wrong with her. She was shocked. Like going to a psychotherapist was a shame.

I explained her that perhaps doc’s intentions were good and she meant her compétences were not enough to help her with her jaws/ tense issues.

My other colleague Added : “counsellours are shit! they are useless and they Don’t even listen to you, all they want is to give you meds and that’s it.”

Oh, wow, I dunno how I found courage to tell her that eventually, psychologists are there to TALK, and that TALK THERAPY is all they do in order to help people and that is their role.

My other friend told me: “it’s ok, I am going and see a psychologist but we are just talking.”

Alright, what did you think you were going to do?

My thinking is that we are surrounded by ignorance, and toxic people who live in denial and can’t face their issue looking into their eyes in the mirror each morning.

Tomorrow I will skip lunch time and go for shopping. I absolutely need a new bra.

ps. I am linking this powerful story. While I am listening to this man, I am thinking of how many times I walk on a bridge on the highway when I go to work. This man was Lucky because he chose the Ocean, and a seal, a sealion saved him! In Paris incidents happen Everyday on the railway station, and I can’t help it. It might seem naive, but I feel upset to be unable to do anything for those who can’t make it.

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