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Chester’s cry for help. Talks about Self Sabotage and Overthinking.

Chester took his life in 2017 after his friend’s loss. Ouch, this story hit me badly. He was 6 children’s father. And massively beloved. Great artist. Great voice. He just couldn’t cope with his highly sensitive personality and those voices, in his head.

Those bad voices, are so called negative thoughts, and I can see what he’s talking about. Success is often an extra pressure to sensitive people like him. I dunno if he reached for help and if he got the right people around him. I can’t judge other lives. I didn’t walk in his shoes.

His songs are an evidence of what psychological suffering is about. Confusion, and dissociation and loss of identity, I know this stuff. Until I didn’t break down my self, I just kept on going and going, until my body and stress hormones warned me that I had gone too far.

Negative thinking or overthinking, rumination is a dysfunctional process of our mind; it can go very far, and it consumes all your energy. Btw I will link you below the book which talks about mind management, and self sabotage ( The Chimp Paradox ). It’s a masterwork by a British psychiatrist Steve Peters. Before I knew about it, I had got an idea about this bad mind habit that we sensitive people have all life. I understood self sabotage cos I have been sabotaging my self many times. Anytime there was a chance to be happy, I deeply felt that maybe I didn’t deserve it.

This toxic behaviour comes from your childhood. You need to understand this. It’s not our parents fault, but it becomes our responsability to deal with it. Why? for a simple reason. We were born to bring joy and happiness to this world, to improve relationships and understanding through our Empathy and talents, skills like Chester did with his gift.

Nobody should be left alone in his head if it’s not a safe place for him.

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
Web editor, Dreamer and Author

The Chimp Paradox: Your Chimp can be your worse Enemy or your best Friend.

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