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Through the Eyes of a Therapist: Sex Education.

Wow! Exploring podcast world in Mental Health topic is amazing, and since I will do my part, as Wounded Healer, let me share with you this richness.

Today I just edited and recorded, or viceversa, a podcast refered to an italian singer who is making a buzz in Italy, at this moment.

His lyrics, he’s a so-called rapper, pretending the new Eminem, are very violent and aggressive. Texts talk about “Killing her and make a mask with her fashionable handbag” or other atrocities more sexual.

Schools, and teachers, are collecting 7000 signatures to avoid him to attend the Italian Song Festival Sanremo, though he is by now showing him self on television in a competition tv serie called “Amici”.

Sex education shall start very early, since children can get easy and free access to medias and porno; what you think?

I am sharing a true story in my Italian podcast, talking about a 16 years old girl who has been sexually abused for months in a french school, nearby here. She is mate with my job mate’s daughter. She’s finally found courage to denounce her two school mates who collected her after classes to do “threesome”. If you have a look on google, threesome is very popular in teenagers, they get fun, girls also, get fun and they film each other with nonchalance.

BTW, I am not a puritan, but I stick to my personal values, and I know that new générations depend on our education and learn respect and self love from our example.

Apart from this, I am not a parent, neither, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a sense of protection for those girls who can’t protect them selves from bullys in high school. I have been a girl who kicked my male friends in the ass, to defend my self from harrassements, so you understand why I am angry to know that this poor girl was victim of these two “shallow loosers” (to say the least).

Ok, I am sure you get my point. Enjoy the podcast.

Catch up with you later.

Source: Through the Eyes of a Therapist

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