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Be here now with Jeremy Zinzan.

Tonight I am hosting Jeremy who apparently is doing a very good work on Podcasting stories of recovery and tips and tricks on PTSD. Well, I hope he doesn’t mind sharing his stuff with me on my blog. Since I am quite slowing down with writing and taking a breath before we go, go ….

Jeremy, I really like what you are doing; put simply your mental break down and exploring mindfulness in a very accessible and simple way. Well, I appreciate it.


Jeremy Zinzan is a father, entrepreneur, mental illness survivor, meditation guide & podcast host who’s mission in life is to help others instill healthy mental well-being: content, support, tips, tricks and tools to help you access inner peace through meditation & mindfulness, eating & exercise, connection & contribution, purpose & self-love.

Interviewing everyday sufferers of mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD, with the aim being to shed light on the various forms mental illness can take as well as elucidating tools and strategies for sufferers to use to deal with what they’re going through

It’s the same format every time:

  1. Firstly, how did they know they had a mental health issue?
  2. What were the contributing factors?
  3. What was their personal experience of it? How did they feel, what did they think, were there associated physical symptoms etc?
  4. What support did they have?
  5. How did they start to get better or better manage their symptoms
  6. Are there wellbeing management strategies that they’re now following to ensure they don’t regress?
  7. What would their advice be to others experiencing something similar?

This is also THE podcast for those that haven’t suffered (or may be supporting someone who does) to illuminate the traumatic experience mental illness can be.

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