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“I want to live forever”. Jake Tyler for TED in Brighton.

Spark a fire with Jake.

Mental health campaigner and Mind Over Marathon runner Jake Tyler meets ‘new hero’ Prince Harry.

Jake Tyler, who completed the London Marathon in 2018, has been involved in a BBC1 documentary highlighting the link between mental wellbeing and exercise.

My coach said that “I needed Movement.”

Jack Tyler’s Story.

When depression consumed him, Jake Tyler phoned his mum to say goodbye, having decided to take his own life. But she convinced him that they could find help together, and as he moved back home and started receiving professional help, Jake discovered the powerful effect of nature on his wellbeing. Jake started walking daily, and felt more positive and connected to the world around him with every step.

One morning, I was lying motionless in bed in my east London flat above the pub I was running, too afraid to move. Years of living secretly under a rock of depression had caught up with me; I had finally run out of air, and I could no longer stand the pressure. Depression makes me feel like I’ve sat down to take an exam I know I’m going to fail. It’s like that feeling that hits you when you give something up after deciding you can’t do it, stretched out over an indeterminable period of time. You don’t choose for it to happen, and you can’t choose for it to stop. All you know is it’s here to stay, and it doesn’t give one shit about your schedule.

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People are f***ing awesome Podcast.

A series of illuminating conversations between people who have achieved something momentous. My name’s Jake, and I recently completed a 3000 mile lap of the UK on foot, following a major depressive episode. Since my challenge ended I’ve become interested to explore the idea of how experiencing times of adversity can drive ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.

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