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Good night with Craig: What about another dimension than medical and rational?

Tonight I had this “like” from Craig White, he helped me with understanding better what’s my perspective on science and Mental Health thing.

Could our bodies vascular tree, actually help create another dimension for health care beyond the one we understand today..

Craig White livinginaworldofyourown

His article on his website promotes an original theory on Vascular Tree and Gut emotions.

This is my thinking.

Craig, there is another dimension that matches with science and body / mental health. You are missing the Spiritual:) What if negative emotional package came to tell us something about our negative behaviour …. what if our negative reaction to life events and drama was meant to be transformed by a more positive response ….. what if PTSD and ILLNESS were a wake up call to a more in depth awareness of our being alive? Like a dark night of the soul is meant to forge our true personality, and to rescue our true Self. I dunno much about vascular tree, but I agree that inner health mirrors our mental and emotional state of mind. Hence viceversa. My perspective is that our gut emotions are guided by our inner Master / angel / higher Self which can be our Spiritual Self and therefore when you are not listening to him/her you go unbalanced up to break down. Cos you get lost. And your body gets ill cos cells get mad due to inner conflict within your Self and Soul. It’s not only matter of vascular tree. It goes so far and deeper. How can doctors put labels so easily without considering the “wholeness” of the person they have in front of them. Like schizophrenia and bipolar. My doctor saved my life despite I never explained him I was going through PTSD and he couldn’t guess. But he had a gut feeling and here I am. Saved by the bell. Thank’s the gut ! Good Night xx

Craig, are you a light worker?

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
Webeditor, Dreamer and Author

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