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Self Care give away: how to dye you gray hair with Henna.

This is a Xmas Miracle on the boulevard.

I have been dying my hair all my life from 14. And now when I look back I think I was stupid cos my brown hair was beautiful and natural. Today hair coloring is quite usual, but I perhaps abused of chemicals so much that I went through allergies and had to stop dying.

When one of my exs told me that there are natural plants which can do it I didn’t listen and especially, I wanted to take responsability for my gray hair and my age getting older.

Oh, look at all those grey haired and charming Parisian ladies… yup, I am not Parisian!

During my stressful period I lost hair in my forehead, and started to use castor oil to strenghten them. My marocco jobmate is very good at self care and pampering, so I gave it a try and fell in love.

Now I use coconut oil and castor oil once a week for hair mask and twice a month I enjoy doing my henna. Hair is thicker and healthy. No secondary effects except beautiful dark chocolate color.

Well, procedure is quite long. But it’s made for those people like me who like to take their time for self care and be calm. If you don’t have problems with chemicals, never mind, you can do like you usually do. The henna and katam are far cheaper and I like the smell of plants on my hair.

3 hours henna + 2 hours katam

Before I thought that henna was only for red and orange hair. This lady has made all the difference…

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