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Burnout : What is this?


When I was attending this training about “stress management”, it was 2013- 2014 and I was completely unaware of what was going on in my life. Well, I was the hamster running in the wheel. It simply was the ordinary life and I was following the pattern: could I do any better? NOPE.

I am okay, I will never go down there.

Except, once back from my doctor, in september 2016, who saved me and changed my life forever, with a sick leave for sleep burn out, that was the wake up call.

And now? what will I do from now on? Shall I go back to work in one week and acting like it was never happened? will they put pressure on me cos I have been sick, and messing with planning schedules and work load? what my parents will say about it? what they would say if they were here? ( and hopefully they weren’t )


Yup, I didn’t return to work so soon. I finally took time to understand what was happening and the reasons why. Yes, I took time for my Self for the very first time, in my 45, consciously. And it made all the difference.



Hotel and Flight Assistants, Doctors and Medical Care staff or Policemen, Servicemen and Firefighters are the first victims: you have to bury your ANXIETY and reassure others and get the job done.

Of course, your social life is a bonus. And today it’s commonly very poor or shallow. It’s not a clue that relationships and family lives are challenged by inhuman schedules and social pressure. It’s not society the problem, it’s more business and financial entanglement that asks to commerce and services to stay UP 24/7.

The company I am working for is open 365 days a year. It closed just once, due to a terrific thunderstorm, and second time, for terrorist attacks in 2015.

What the hell is the Dark Night?

Thank’s to all the You Tubers who are influencing my self discovery about psychological depth and motivational videos like these from Trevor Isley and the Holistic Psychologist.

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