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Vera Lynn “Forces Sweetheart” ( age 102 ).

This morning I wake up and got surprised listening on my Spotify Playlist this song “It’s hard to say Goodbye”. How did it happen? I mean, I’ve put some classic oldies goldies from “Joker’s Soundtrack” and now I find my self listening these ladies from 40’s and 50’s. Okay. This gives me an idea for my Sunday Podcast, and perhaps it will be a good excuse for some lovely watercolor.

Can I tell Vera, that today any of the ladies who are tchit tchating on the dating online with servicesmen feel a little bit like the Forces Sweetheart. Oh, well… not exactly all of them:)

Your boys, Vera, are our boys.

Dame Vera Lynn was born in London. She was known as the “Forces Sweetheart” during WW2. Her songs “We’ll Meet Again” and “White Cliffs of Dover” were hugely popular during the war-time period.

Dame Vera often referred to British troops as ‘her boys’, a relationship which has created the backbone for most of her charity work. ‘Help for Forgotten Allies’, one of her main charities, gives grants to the widows of Burmese soldiers who fought in the Burma campaign during the Second World War.

Vera Lynn spent several weeks entertaining troops in Burma, now known as Myanmar.

Two years ago, Dame Vera Lynn broke her own record to become the oldest person to release a new album. ‘Vera Lynn 100’ featured other top British singers including Alfie Boe, Alexander Armstrong and Aled Jones.

Vera Lynn 100

Some of Dame Vera’s best-known songs have been re-orchestrated for the album with her original vocals. Auf Wiederseh’n Sweetheart, which saw her become the first British singer to reach the top of the US Official Charts in 1952, also appears on the record. The singer said:

“It’s truly humbling that people still enjoy these songs from so many years ago, reliving the emotions of that time – I was after all just doing my job as a singer – and it’s so wonderful for me to hear my songs again so beautifully presented in a completely new way.”

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