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Darkest Before Dawn — Heni’s Happy Paintings

Bonsoir Atlanta;)

Darkest Before Dawn is my new painting. Each year around the International Day of Peace I like to paint a dove of peace. I’m a little behind the curve as the date was on September 21st but better late than never. I decided to paint a dove flying at night as lately it seems that […]

Darkest Before Dawn — Heni’s Happy Paintings

Oh, well, tonight, on 21st of December, I found a like on my post and just can’t stop watching all of her art work. You can like it or not, she puts a story on each painting and it’s quite realistic. I like her series from mythical creatures to sea life and doves for the international Peace Day on 21st September. Ok Heni, you made my day, thank you. I am posting here only the most speaking to me at this moment in life.

Sorry, Heni, I am skipping all production about cats; they are a cutie, and I love the story that you write for each painting. Well done ! I wish you and your family Happy Holidays from Paris suburbs in a winter Solstice Day. Definitely, I feel this is Darkest before Dawn sign indeed.

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  1. Thank you for sharing my paintings Antonella! I’m happy you liked my writing also. We’re having a holiday party staring in a few hours but I will come back later to look through your site. Winter Solstice greetings to you!

    1. Oh lovely to hear from you. I have shared your paintings on my friend’s whatsapp also, she is drawing similar subjects, like sea life, and we both are excited to find your art work 😀 enjoy your party and thank you for liking my post. Saturn in twelth house was a great inspiration ! Auguri di Buone Feste xx

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