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Join the International Pen Friends Club? Snail Mail is alive

Well, I did it, I am now officially an IPF International Pen Friends agent. So it means two things: 1. I am old enough 2. I know what I am doing.

In my 16, there was no mail, neither internet, nor smart phones. If you wanted to connect people all over the world, you had to subscribe some penpalling association and I found mine.

In 2020, I will be celebrating my 30th anniversary with my first Pen Pal from Chicago. Our story is here. On my facebook, I have my very first pen friends from Germany, Netherlands and Iceland. The thing is that we passed our address on and by chance, we discovered that we were on same list, and we have been pen writing with same friends ever since.

Today, my american friend’s daughter asked to my german friends’ daughter to become pen pals. They are 9 and they are writing each other real letters. Although language might seem an obstacle, they manage very well. Ones origins are korean, and german, so she might be wanting to explore her origins directly. Maybe, one day when older enough to travel, they will meet in each other’s Country.

Me and my friend met in Paris after 22 years from our first mailing. Yeah, I am so grateful for that day spent together with her friends.

A few years ago, when feeling quite isolated here in the banlieue, I decided to take again that step. Subscribing a pen pal association in digital era. Weird? Yes. Guess what? a couple of friends made my day, really. One wrote me from San Francisco Bay Area, an executive almost on the hedge of burn out, who practiced zen meditation, and ruled an oldstyled printing factory, well, he wrote me with his Corona typewriter. This gave me the idea to buy an old typewriter on ebay and I still wonder how could ever Hemingway write his books with. My pen friend wrote me about how much he loved art and drawing and his mate would have loved to live a while in Florence to get class. Nice. I would love to see Frisco some day, as well.

Second, I met a prisoner from Chino, California, again. His story for another time. He taught me what’s an HSP and he was the first one in my life who told me that I probably was some. All stuff about Highly Sensitive on this website comes from our pen writing. I did write to prisoners, when younger, but didn’t expect to receive some letters from them. In the beginning, I got overwhelmed by his story. Now I am grateful. We might meet someday in a sunny day.

This is the letter form which is mostly used by the Agents of the IPF Club. If you don’t mind, I’m posting with my story. ps. I’ll get the Agent Pack in one month, from 20h january, that leaves me enough time to create my website and finish with my self help book. Will keep you up!

Dear Friend,

Have you ever considered that the greatest friend you may ever have could be someone you have never met, living in a land you have never seen?

International Pen Friends has over 300.000 members in 192 countries and we can provide you with new friends in your own age group from many places. International Pen Friends was established in 1967 and since that time we have processed over 2 million application forms. Our commitment and service has led to us being recognised as the greatest pen friend organisation in the world.

Writing Letters is Fun!

Today it is possible to reach into the hearts and homes of people in almost every country in the world. It is a unique and wonderful achievement to be able to learn how others live, to participate in their hobbies and interests and perhaps at a later date, to exchange visits with them and to share the joy of real lifelong friendship.

Despite the many forms of communication available today, it is interesting that the most common feedback we receive from our members is the enjoyment and fun they gain by receiving letters in the mail. It is hard to match the anticipation of waiting for letters to arrive and to see what treasures they contain this time.

Whether you are looking for a true friend, would like to improve your foreign language skills or develop your hobbies, International Pen Friends will provide you with many new, refreshing, exciting and interesting contacts.

We believe that international correspondence has a part to play in creating global harmony   —   maybe not a huge part, but still an important one.

Change your world today!

Yours Sincerely,

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
Web Editor, IPF Agent and Author

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