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Elaine Aron and Highly Sensitive Persons events

As subscriber, I am including here the last post from Elaine Aron in her newsletter. She updates on her presence in different cities ( New York and Colorado ). But also event in the Netherlands. In my personal opinion, she is the most valuable psychologist dealing with HSP until now, so if you have a chance to participate, it’s for a good cause: Yours.

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
Web Editor, Dreamer and Author

Dear HSPs,

Whew, we have gotten through the darkest time of the year and are celebrating the coming of the Light, however you do that. I am sending out another blog, “A Gift to Add Sparkle to the Gifts You Already Have.”  And of course reminding you of THE JANUARY PREMIERE OF SENSITIVE AND IN LOVE IN NEW YORK CITY (purchase tickets here)! Even if you can’t come to NY for the big party, there are other things here for you.

We really are planning a Big HSP Bash in the Big Apple to celebrate the long-awaited launch of Sensitive and in Love.  It is a full length feature film with two love stories and a deeply moving family story too. Amazing. The premiere happens January 29, at a place worthy of it, the prestigious Directors Guild of America Theater, not far from Carnegie Hall.  

Yes, it is a week night, but we will say good night before 10 pm. Yes, a premiere, but no fancy Hollywood clothes—just “business casual.”  Come be part of HS history and part of a fun Q and A afterwards, with me and my husband Art, also in the film; Will Harper, the director; Diana Sinelnikova, the producer; and best by far, two of the amazing actors in the film, Jose Rosete and Bianca Rogoff.

This is a fundraiser for the Foundation for the Study of Highly Sensitive People (tickets $30 and up). There will be a VIP reception for those who pay extra for a ticket as a donation and additional perks thereafter. The money will be used for research and whatever is required to make the movie available to the public, including subtitles and a documentary by Art and me highlighting the lessons implied by various scenes in the film–explicit advice we could not give in the movie itself.  

Maybe a ticket would be the perfect holiday gift for a friend? (Hint: This could be the exactly right film for someone without the trait to better understand you.)  Tickets are going, so get yours while they last. Buy tickets here

The same week in NYC I will do a workshop for HSPs, 10am to 3pm at the 92nd Street Y: Understanding the Highly Sensitive Person. So if you can stay in town, you can make it a double bill. I am not often on the East coast. I have not spoken in NYC in many years, so I hope you can come and we can meet.

More Events:

Sounds True has released an eight-hour audio course I did for them, The Highly Sensitive Person’s Complete Learning Program. There is definitely new material in it, so I hope many of you find it useful. Learn more and purchase here

Do not let any of this distract you from the HS Men’s weekend March 13-15, in a spectacular setting in in Northern California!!!  Please, please men—show up.  And don’t wait to sign up. I want to be able to announce the growing numbers so everyone can see the momentum growing. The more of you, the more it will help each of you. Learn more and register here

For those of you near the Netherlands, you can attend Empowerment and Self Care for the Highly Sensitive Person, with Annet de Zwart and Tom Falkenstein. (Tom is the author of The Highly Sensitive Man). 

The 37th HSP Gathering Retreat with Jacquelyn Strickland (I’ll be a guest speaker), will be held in mid-September in Colorado. Jacquelyn will also do a weekend retreat for HSPs with Barbara Allen in Fort Collins, Colorado. Details coming soon. 

May the holidays bring you blessings, and just the right amount of stimulation.


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