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Confuse them with your Silence. Merry Xmas.

With Courtesy of beautiful Soul, Darren, from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK.

Whilst I am almost done with my first chapter of Psychological Growth – Guilt related creative slide, I wish you that your Xmas Holidays will be a Time of Self Reflection and Change if you are not at peace within your Self. Xmas can enhance sad feelings more than cheerful. If you are in your middle age, you might have spent your Xmas eves with your Grandparents, and they are gone, so honor their memory. If you are divorced or separated from your wife, or husband, you might have feelings of nostalgy and sadness, cos it’s all gone. Your dream is gone. Your expectation is disappointed. What di you wrong? “What’s wrong with you thing”, right? Don’t you have enough? I do. Today I am a single middle aged woman, who takes responsibility of her choices, and carry on, despite her past issues, as far as concerning health, job, money and relationships… Although I am a solitary person in real life (my spare time is precious) with a very close circle of true friends, in a foreign Country, I don’t feel alone, as far as I keep this flame inside me sparkling and now igniting from the web inside out. Today, I know who I am. And I feel blessed and grateful. There was a time when I was lost and I didn’t know it. I was the hamster in wheel running from my Self, my Inner Self and my Higher Self (my Soul). All of this to say here that one life lesson which was a good tip from my silent guides was this “shout up your mouth”. When you are teased from someone, both family or workmate, no matter who and how, keep your thought for your self. How did I get it? Mindfulness. Ten minutes each morning. Day by day. It’s commonly called meditation. What damn was this meditation thing? Ask Jon Kabat- Zinn if you speak English or Christophe André if you speak also French (Canadian). So, if you are not happy about your past, keep your fire on to customize your future. In my journey filled up with motivational videos, I had enough, but now I think that all of the videos I have been surfing kept a memory and helped me with building the confidence and determination and wisdom I can share today. God bless you, my Divers, gals and big boys. I am aware that if you are taking time to read this post there is a chance that your Xmas Day will be likewise mine. Lit up a candle. To be honest, I will spend my Xmas morning saying a prayer for whom are staying out, in the cold and aching stomach for hunger, and smelling cos they spent the night in the rubbish dump, or a train platform, and perhaps they never knew a happy childhood neither, that they can warm them selves with a match like in fairytales. Be grateful cos you are cozy home, lovely mug of coffee, and have a computer to relate with and reach people (pretty cool) like me. Well, enjoy this Matthew McConaughey speech. He really is a find.

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
Web Editor, Dreamer and Author

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