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Go to the darkness to get your LIGHT

My heart is STRONGER than any pain

Pain changes people, pain forces change

Without pain there is no NEXT LEVEL

Use pain as FUEL

Use MOTIVATION to never being reduce by the pain

I never knew people who was STRONG without pain

You cannot GROW without pain

– Pain let you know when you are severely injured

– But you know what best part of pain is?

– No, sir..

– Pain let you know that you are not dead yet

Following Attacks: the Miracle Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Well, I am linking here the article about the psychiatrist who is healing the memory after terrorist attacks. As far as it concerns my point of view, this miracle therapy erases bad memories from your brain. Now, if you can tell me that bombing chemically brains cells is smart like in Iraq’s war, I humbly surrender and understand here that I am wasting a lot of my precious time promoting art and creativity, yoga and mindfulness. Uh. What if, Doctor, bad memories needed to be processed in order to integrate dark sides of our soul? What if pain was a way for spiritual awakening and what happens if you erase that wake up call from my injured/wounded brain? I know that psychiatry today is doing progress and while you are “testing” your chem pills on volunteers, Steve Peters does his speech about chimp paradox in the UK, and Christophe André spreads his word on mindfulness in the French hospitals. There is no trial here, right or wrong, guilt or innocent. What I have learnt in my 25 years past journey is that being comfortably numb is same than “zombifying”. If I am wrong, congratulations. Next time I’ll be around blue lights, nearby here, the Parisian region, I won’t miss to try your “Memory Alive” and for free.

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma

Following Attacks: the Miracle Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Two 27-year-old friends survived the fatal terrorist attacks on November 13, 2015. They did so by “taking advantage” of that moment when the terrorists reloaded their weapons and the two friends escaped the Bataclan … Within the next few months, they developed a state of anxiety called post-traumatic stress … Now, these two victims are feeling better. “Actually, spectacularly better”. This summer, these two young people were among the first to participate in an important clinical study from Paris Hospital Network (AP-HP). About fifty patients – and 400 more to come – are testing a new treatment technique. It is not meant to forget the terrorist attacks, but to alleviate the psychological consequences … “We interfere at the moment when the memory shifts from the short-term memory to long-term memory by reducing its intensity”, explains Dr. Alain Brunet, a trauma specialist at McGill University in Montreal and the co-pilot of the program. “We want to make sure that the traumatic memory becomes a mere bad memory … a bit like the memory of an ex-boyfriend. “… “This is the largest study on the subject at the international level. Its results will be useful in advancing the treatment of victims of terrorist attacks around the world “. Florence Méréo journalist, Le Parisien – 05/11/2016

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