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Now I rise – my first fundraising.


Yes, I did it. My first fundraising is on line, now, you can find it here. I dunno what it will give, until the end of january 2020. And I don’t mind.

It would be a pity not to give it a chance. For the short story, I choose Nôtre Dame as symbol of Wounded, after the fire broke on last 15th april.

You already know my story, in case, here you have the resume plus the trigger article which convinced me to get involved and engage personally with writing and publishing. And now fundraising:)

It’s Xmas Time, usually I look for Charity to donate and feel a better human on the Planet. Here I am, I am helping my self, and I like it!

Okay, not only my Self. I am not alone, here.

Uh, Story Time, again.

Skip it if you have enough of this. I do 🙂

In the aftermath of Paris terror attacks, in 2015, my wake up call was a sleep burnout diagnosed 6 months later than “Charlie Hebdo”. My life and both Physical and Mental Health have been, both personally and professionally, shocked by the events and after November “second round” directly dealing with life-threatening related events and crises emergency, which eventually turned into surreal, until 2016 when I was declared unfit for my work ( conflicts and public contact strongly NOT RECOMMENDED ) so it means that for an hotel receptionist it was GAME OVER. Panic attacks and anxiety have put severe limits to my social life and I could follow a retraining program in a world company whose message was clear “You definitely would be out in a smaller structure”. Like what? How could I have been able to restart in another place with dysfunctional short memory, severe chronic fatigue and tachycardia, nervous system flight and fight response to mention a few. That said, whilst I was regaining my lost confidence, and processing my emotional burden, also doing much sport to build up muscles and burn fat, I developed patience and resilience, until the day I was ready to leave the french Country and return home, in Italy, chez Mamma? One of my counsellour holded me tight and together with my mentor, my doctor, whom I will be forever grateful. Now, not only I have been confirmed (which that gives me stability I craved for so long), but I am editing my first Self Help book, which I want to translate in English, and therefore I need your support. This book will tell my hell descent and give you 5 keys for personal and psychological growth. It’s both my heroin’s journey and spiritual awakening. Sure, I would’t be here if I didn’t believe in a bigger life force watching over my ordeals. Today I wish to share my journey with other people like me, and I am doing that already on my website The trigger which really pushed me to engage my self fully is this article about psychiatrists who are promoting a beta bloquer which erases the pain associated with a terrible memory. Now, what if that emotion linked to pain is meant to tell you something about your lifestyle and your purpose on this Earth? Are these studies demonstrating how those suffering with PTSD change their life after being treated whith an intelligent bombing of their brain? In my journey, I am promoting art and creativity, yoga and mindfulness as effective therapies. Sure, if your pill is better performing I am certainly wasting a lot of time here. Not saying that I am against psychiatry, because I am a supporter of Christophe André and Steve Peters who integrate Mindfulness as a cure of so called and stygmatised “depressive and bipolar” in the Hospitals and teach Mind Management to elite sport and servicemen. If you want to check this article about the miracle pill called “Paris Mem” you can click here:
If you read all about this story, and STILL, want to support my cause: Thank you.
ps. it’s my honor, and privilege, that I guarantee that 10 per cent of my book’s revenues will go to Paris Firefighters and their families, of course.

“That’s life, gentlemen, and either we heal here as a team, or we will die as individuals. Now, what will gonna do?”

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