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Parisian Sparks of Inspiration.

It goes without saying, during my Journey, the assistance of Firefighters has been effective several times: anxiety, panic attacks and terror attacks.



This book was suggested me by a Serviceman who is using this manual as program for Mind Management of his troops. Dr Steve Peters is a psychiatrist who has inspired Elite sport Gold Medal Champions like Victoria Pendleton and Liverpool Football Team in the UK. Personally, I was aware of Self Sabotage because of my inner wisdom led me to observe my self behaviour and noticed that I was doing that any time I was close to Success (school examens, sport achievement, any potential partner who reciprocated, job team talent… ). The avanguardist Prof is now telling us that it’s our brain who is dysfunctional and that’s okay. All we need is to become a Master of our Mind. As simple as that. Which probably guides us to Mindfulness alias Mind at its full Potential.


This man, the humanitarian Journalist, made a difference to me. At the time I met his book, I had read only one article which listed all PTSD and refered to combat stress. Revelation when I found his Vanity fair interview about his panic attack in New York back home from Afghanistan. Well, I respect his journalist activity, despite all the crap and slave journalism spreading today. His values about this alienated society where Vétérans miss war are deeply shared.

Sometimes we ask ourselves if we can save Veterans, but the real question is can we save ourselves?


Simply life-changing. Effective. Oh, well I couldn’t finish last pages, but eventually the first ten had already done the job. For the short story, I have kept reading it in the metro, one day at a time, one page at a time. You need to integrate concepts and this is a good exercise for those who Don’t read a book since ages. Tolle will explain you that. My fave quote : ‘We are not our thoughts.’ So what are we? Bestseller.


In 2016, during my deep rest, home from work, due to sleep burnout, as a consequence of PTSD and long term stress disorder, I borrowed this book from my mentor / my physician. He is a humanitarian Medecin sans Frontières and charming Monsieur who changed my life for the better. My soul is eternally grateful. And yes, Doctor, ladies who read are quite Dangerous.


Tom King is not only the Batman’s author, but also ex FBI agent in the Middle East. He conceived this Masterpiece to spread awareness on PTSD in 2018. He is one of my heroes. Enjoy the graphic. Story: Sanctuarium is the first rehab for superheros, where some mystery occurs. Harley Quinn is perhaps the rebel heroin who is not recovering well. When I found his work I thought “the times they are a changing”.


To be honest, I bought this book years ago, and couldn’t relate to it in the very beginning. Then, one day, I tried again, and I admit, it gave me some effective inspiration for my self help book. So, Carol, bless you. It wasn’t easy. First, try to figure out what an archetype is, then embrace your hero’s journey. Good luck.


When I was in it, I could only see the dark, and it’ been a long ride. Now in my mind all is clear. Personal growth requires challenges. No slight, no hero. Right? I liked this ex monk psychologist who humbly change perspective on so called depression and transition stages in life beyond labels. Rites of passage are much more speaking to me. To make it short, you need to prove your value in a Society, in order to gain your status in a Community. Primitive and ancient tribes did it all the time. We lost our roots and therefore we lost our consciousness that a dark night will make come out the best from you and put it at service of others. That’s what life is all about. This is how humanity shall work.

Conversations with God

Well, I admit that I watched the movie several times and can’t stop spreading word about it, especially to whom are diving deep in the abyss of a dark night. Perhaps a dialogue within your Self. Or accept that there is a force – much bigger than us – guiding you if you let her manifesting.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation.

A Complete Guided Mindfulness Meditation Program from Jon Kabat-Zinn Audio CD.

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