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A bit about my Journey

Bonsoir Beautiful Soul, you came like a rain drop after a thirsty desert trip lol As you can see, I am Under construction, building my WP Identity, soon adding my books, I mean the ones I am reading and my self help manual in 2020. Pouring out all my creativity for a good cause : normalizing mental health, I like it 😉 It’s not by chance that you live in Phoenix, right? lol I was checking your life path number, you are a 5, Freedom and Change :

Those with Life Path Number 5 tend to be adventurous and free spirited people. You are much more likely to crave change and new life experiences. Because of your upbeat personality, you are likely to motivate others. Your curious, flexible, and impulsive nature will draw you towards travel and other exiting pursuits. Be wary of overstretching yourself, of overreaching in your search for Freedom.

ps. I am impressed, as late bloomer, I am 45, I really admire a Young girl inspiring and motivating others like you do. All you said about your Journey resonates with me. To end this post, I’d like to add that in my twenties, I dreamed of Arizona, Monument Valley, in first instance, and I considered Moving for working in a ranch. Yes. Nice to meet you. I hope that you are doing well like you look like in these refreshing pages. Very virgo, compared to my messy, creative aries posts… lol

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
Web Editor, Dreamer and Author

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