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Dark Night : Bipolar is not a medical condition.

Dawn in Férrières-en-Brie, November 2019.

This is an incredible find who I have been listening all nights long, during my Journey from the Caterpillar to Cocoon stages.

Whilst you can find all Butterfly process in his channel, one of my milestone is gaining a different understanding and perspective on this bipolar medical condition.

Have been bipolar in my youth, until I mastered my swing moods, with plants, and flowers, and walking, yoga and mindfulness. Please, I am not here telling you to drop your pills, and say to you that we can do it without medicins and psychiatrist.

Winter 2012

My message here is YOU ARE THE ONE who can really understand what is going on in your mind and add plus value (natural, holistic or spiritual) to your life.


 For the story time, my neighbor went mad one night, in january 2015, while I was struggling with my anxiety, and couldn’t sleep already. He tried to kill her wife for the second time. He also tried to beat a policeman (who was wounded on his head falling in the fight and tapping to a table’s angle), who came at 1 am in the house apart on same flat. The day after, after a sleepless night, I was told from his wife, his story: 25 years medicines plus “smoking” and drinking. So, what would you expect? Complete healing? Bliss? Genius?  

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
Web Editor, IPF Angel and Author

Conversations with God.

This is a perfect example of what a dark night of the soul means. And I wish Neale Donald Walsh will be back to Paris, to attend his conference, at least once.

What’s burn out?

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