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karl is a retired combat pilot and today poet-in- residence for military academy performing arts.

“poetry is my Second Life”.

When I left a message in a forum for army penpals, on PTSD healing topic (on Remembrance Day uh! ), Karl, ex UK Army Air Corps, kindly replied to me :

“I found that doing something creative helps me. I write poetry and have a few hobbies but it’s important it’s something you can do alone and quietly.”

Here in the UK as an example the care for mental health differs from county to county. Before coming to Wiltshire I was under the care of Hampshire, who were remarkable. Now I live in Wiltshire where the only way to gain any support is after an unsuccessful suicide attempt”.

Karl Tearney is my proud Etoile.

A wonderful start to the New Year, as I was asked to be the Poet in residence, for the Soldiers Arts Academy. I will be running a monthly poetry workshop and writing for them too. I’m extremely grateful that I can herald (tenous Christmas link) the glory of creativity as therapy much more.

Karl Tearney 12/24/2019


Karl’s Story.

3000 flying miles, above hell in Belfast and Bosnia, after 35 years of service, cost medical retirement to Karl, a british Man, before Army Aircops Pilot, who breaks down in tears one night. Until he is forced to quit his job and take in charge of his mental health and mind. It’s a great honor for me reading his pages, and kind of reciprocate therapeutic work. Thank you, Karl, for allowing me to explore your feelings with loving heart and respect.


Wonderful, thought provoking *****
By sadie trowbridge on Jul 20, 2019
What a wonderful book. Well thought out, which takes you on a journey through poetry. Its starts off with a brief introduction of Karl himself, the joining on the army air corps, the 3000 flying miles he accumulated, moving onto the trauma which he was discharged for. Karl amazingly found a way to treat himself, through poetry, the book highlights how this started, and how now, the recognition he so rightly deserves. The book is broken down into 3 areas. My mental mind, love, and moments. Without giving away too much, I feel that everyone can take something away from this book. It really takes you on an emotional journey, I cried in parts. My heart fluttered in parts to. He truly has a wonderful way of putting in so much feeling with his words. It grabs you. I highly recommend this book. Definitely one for all.

Yesterday today by Karl Tearney

Wanted by Karl Tearney

Doctor Who? by Karl Tearney

All that we see by Karl Tearney

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Karl Tearney

Howl by Allen Ginsberg

Random yet Inspiring Poems.

A poem by Siegfried Sasson, June 1917

Invictus by William Ernest Henley

I rise by Maya Angelou

Brave by Kathy Parker

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