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Social I am not your bi**utiful friend; JD Salinger is my model.

Bonjour la Crew,

Time to make the point with you. Right? Well, let me say this website is still “under construction”, that said, I am considering all social networks I might add on this WP page. Between you and I, I will be rude, I have this feeling coming out from bottom of my heart :“social I am not your bitch”.

Flickr, it was an old acquaintance with which I didn’t hang on since 2009? My first mail address was recorded, but spent hours trying to regain confidence of this tool since I am not so well organized and passwords are becoming too many. How do you do with yours? Do you have an agenda for keeping them in alphabet order? What if you loose that agenda? Do you own a copy of it? I see that Instagram is a huge tool for getting in touch with people easy and quick. But Instagram is too much for me. Overwhelming, really.

When I do my digital break I feel so released that I turn off my Facebook page and am focusing in my Present Moment. So, leaving those cats alone, not hunting any redbreasts, or just saying HI to neighbours’ doggy for fun and pleasure. Not sharing, not checking like this like that. Finally, I am at peace …… So, Instagram out. Facebook, well, well, I know, you find it cool to be able to tchit tchat with web authors or your fave book writer, I am sorry and I apologize, really, I am not that far yet, but my model for writing was in my young age a certain Mr Salinger. Someone who spent most of his time alone reading his books, drinking coffee and bolting the door. So, my facebook account, you forget for the moment. And forever lol You get my contact email in case if you have this urgence to say “bonjour” and I won’t be far.

Whatsapp is really for selected people. Let me see, did I forget something? Ah, yes, sure, Twitter. Oh, OMG, that evil communication tool where Governments Presidents, Rock Stars and Gold Medals are on same level than … me? You get my point. Happy to be here, again, with the motivation of an Ironman, I wish we can be reciprocate our inspirational quotes and enthusiasm for living.

Ps. I love you.

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
Web Editor, Dreamer and Author

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