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Message in a bottle…

Message in a bottle.

From a 50-year-old message in a bottle to email 📨 😮 Just over a fortnight ago, 9-year-old Jyah Elliott discovered the bottle while out fishing with his father at a beach along South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. Initially, neither could believe what they found inside — a message written by another young boy in 1969. The letter’s author, Paul Gilmore, was 13 when he cast the letter overboard the TSS Fairstar migrant ship as it approached the Australian coast. The letter (pictured below) listed an address in Mitcham, Victoria, where Paul was travelling to. After eventually being tracked down, Paul has since exchanged emails, telling Jyah and his family about his delight at their discovery and to “keep checking those beaches”. What’s the best thing you’ve found at the beach? 🏖️ 📸: Supplied by Carla Elliot

1990 – 2020. Happy 30th anniversary.

Ten years ago I got this Facebook friends request. Mimi and I have been pen writing since we were 16. She was adopted and lives in Chicago. We lost touch, she got married and had kids. In the late 90s it shall be easy to seek for My pen pal, I thought. No way. There were just tons of millions of Korean MI Kwon in this world. And I finally abandoned the idea to ever meet Mimi again, on the net. In her last picture she was saying hello from Seul in a lovely summer dress.

Guess what?

Paris 2012 Reunion

She found me. And she remembers of me, as her very first ever pen pal.

 Actually, although we are apart, today, penpalling remains a vintage stuff. We have stopped that blabla on paper and post sharing and liking takes over our messy yet lovely letters. Since then, you are part of my banister. Everyone need a banister. A fixed point of reference from which we understand and engage with life. We need something to hold on to, so that when we are hit by inevitable desappointments, pain or traumas, we won’t fall too far in confusion, despair or hopelessness. A strong banister will stand the test of time in an ever changing world, giving us more confidence to face the knocks and hardships of life more readily.

Thank you for keeping sending me your Xmas cards and keeping me updated on your son’s and daughter’s growth. When you asked me about love relationships, I felt quite uncomfortable, until I realized that my success stories comes from friendship.

Thank you for having being there. Well, I hope this page finds you and finds you well.  

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
Web Editor, Dreamer and Author
( + Penpal )

International Pen Friends is a global association promoting friendship around the World. At the time I am editing this page, I am evaluating becoming a representive for Italy (or France).

Or you can contact them here.

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