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Forces Penpals for Combat Stress.

When I decided to write for this website, I was feeling quite isolated, and abandoned. It was almost Xmas time, and as I do regularly, I was seeking for my “cause of the year”. My first attempts to find penpals, except for subscribing to “International Pen Friends”(thank you my last representative from Sidney, AU), were not lucky. In fact, I fell into scams, in Facebook pages, and I was quite upset about that.

My “marraine de guerre” (soldier’s angel) subscription at American website for penpalling and supporting deployed in Middle East never got a reply, neither after veryfing my credit card on the net. Yes, I was decided. I wanted my deployed soldiers to tchit tchat with me during Xmas eve. “What are you here for?” they asked me. “Empathy” my naïve answer. Anyway, I did report Nigerian scammers to the authorities, and some day I will dedicate them a kind post, where I would love to recommend them to develop and take their talents seriously, cos for one week I was really convinced that “Allan Polanski” was happy to hear from me. Eventually, he was not the white American man, divorced and with three children, who I saw on his “fake” Facebook page. My faith, I felt really embarrassed. And yes, I am a believer 😊

Now, never mind, beware this forces penpal website which is not all friendly, as much as any other website for penpals or dating on line, if you like. Ok? I want to support them, first, cos I met good persons and am sharing their stories here on this website, and perhaps, in my next book. Second, Combat Stress is reputed to be serious and qualified to support veterans in the aftermath of service. Feel free to subscribe. The fee is not expensive, it’s free for servicemen, or family members, I guess. Whatever you choose to do with this website, I wish you find your “Mr Darcy”. Or at least, that you can make a good joke with these guys (or girls). Only who have been to hell and back know how to appreciate a good laugh for what it is, right?

This is the link to their faboulous website.

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