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Sensitive and in Love – the Film

Dear Elaine,

Thank you for your newsletter’s upcoming event news and première of your first movie based on your best seller which helped me accepting my Sensitiveness as a gift (and not a plague). In grateful devotion to Elaine Aron’s I support this movie release and I wish I could join you in New York on 29th January. In case we miss this opportunity (I might be stuck in Paris drinking expensive capuccino), I wish you Good Luck, well, “Merde!”. We so much needed this. ps. I, My self, have been struggling with all my relationships for same reason and found exactly in the position of your character asking to psychologist: “shall I stay or shall I go?” with a sense of guilt like it was all my fault.

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
Web editor, dreamer and author

Join us on January 29, 2020 at the prestigious Directors Guild of America (DGA)Theater in the heart of New York City as we roll out the red carpet for the world premiere of Sensitive and in Love, a benefit for the Foundation for the Study of Highly Sensitive Persons.

Sensitive and in Love follows in the footsteps of the original documentary Sensitive-The Untold Story featuring Alanis Morissette (2015).

Over 1.4 billion people on this planet are highly sensitive and they are changing the way we view the world. Sensitive and in Love captures another side of a highly sensitive person and is a film not to be missed!

What is high sensitivity? In not only our species, but over a hundred others, a minority of individuals come with an inborn survival strategy of greater sensitivity to what is going on around them. The foundation of the trait, found in 20%, is DOES: Depth of processing, being easily overstimulated, emotional responsiveness, including intense empathy, and sensitivity to the subtleties. Often misunderstood, highly sensitive people can be called “too sensitive”, “too shy”, “too high maintenance”. Without the understanding of this innate trait, many couples and families struggle in the dark with this feature of their lives. Sensitive and in Love will help bring some light to this darkness.

Your tickets are tax deductible (US only). All proceeds will go to the Foundation for the Study of Highly Sensitive Persons (501c3) to continue education and research on the trait of high sensitivity.

Doors open at 6PM EST, followed by a VIP RECEPTION (included in Sensitive Community, Sensitive Supporter, Friend/Member/Patron of the Foundation and Executive Producer ticket levels)

SHOWTIME is at 7PM EST followed by the Q&A with bestselling author -psychologist Dr. Elaine Aron (THE HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON); one of the world’s leading scientists of love and relationships, author of 36 QUESTIONS – Dr. Arthur AronSensitive and in Love’s Emmy award-winning director Will Harper; producer Diana Sinelnikova; and members of the cast – Jose Rosete and Bianca Rogoff.

Purchase your tickets here! 

Our team feels passionate about this film. Mainly because the first film, Sensitive—The Untold Story, which was a groundbreaking documentary on the subject of high sensitivity, provided insight into the central features of the trait and research on it. Sensitive and In Love, a feature film,  focuses on what perhaps matters most: how high sensitivity affects your relationships with loved ones.


What do you do when you feel you are born with an unbearable flaw, and you don’t know yet that you share it with 1.4 billion people.  Rob and Jessica grew up feeling just that. Inspired by the international bestseller, The Highly Sensitive Person and global media sensation 36 Questions that lead to love, SENSITIVE AND IN LOVE tells their story. Besides their sensitivity, the brother and sister share a traumatic childhood.  Jessica is an accomplished writer in San Francisco, but every one of her romantic relationships have crashed and burned.  Rob, a successful music producer in Manila, has a seemingly happy marriage, but it is headed for a cliff.  Robbie insists Jessica comes to the Philippines for a much-needed break. While there, a single mistake opens Jessica to the world and a terrifying moment for Robbie opens him to a real family connection.

We want to thank all of you who donated towards Sensitive And In Love and made this important film possible.
A Special Thank You to Our Friends, Patrons, Angels and Executive Producers

We thank you for your support of Sensitive and in Love.

With Gratitude,
Our Sensitive Team

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