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My Summer Festivals

In 2000, 2001 and 2004 I have been asked to create special events linked to my passion for native American Indian culture. At that time, I lived in Rimini and I worked for a software house well quoted in Italy. My friend who is a travel agent introduced me to Leon Goodstriker and his family (see Rufus and George in page What’s your Animal Totem ). He comes from Alberta, Canada, and brings his project ( Wolves Clan Dancers ) into “culturally hungry” Europe in late 90’s. Not all medicine men were honest and well. Thou I ‘ve been approached by fake Indians, called red apples ( white inside, red outside ), who wanted me to leave for joining a Spiritual Community in Northern Italy, I didn’t accept their invitation and kept it up with my Blackfeeet friends, the Kinai Tribe.

Stand in front of the Cafe Trieste in San Francisco’s North Beach. Both Ayala and Bowen could often be found at the famous “Abalone Factory”–home to a group of beatniks that had been kicked out of North Beach and found a temporary refuge at Princeton-by-the-Sea.

Image courtesy Michael Bowen

During those days I have also met searchers who were adopted by Apache and Amazonian tribes, the ethnologist Carla Fornasari red Eagle Woman who hosted me at her musem-house, in Carpi. This time gave me a chance to explore and develop my potential as event organizer and catalyst. Well, I got my inspiration from “Human Be In 1967” and “Summer of Love 1969”, I had a keen on beat generation poetry and literature, and got sponsored by Woodstock Nation Foundation, in person Daniel Eggink and his artist family, before he left Yasgur Farm, Bethel, NY, to leave for a pilgrimage to California ( and probably join some community there or fighting for weed therapeutic use in medicine ). Those was glory days in which I wrote to anybody I had as model, Joan Baez, included. Her record company never replied. But I finally had the priviledge to be congratulated by artist Michael Bowen, who was one of creator of “Human Be in”. He was in Italy, Piacenza, or Modena, if I remember well, doing his paintings before he left for cosmic heaven.


Press release.

Leon Goodstriker and Daniel Angelini. Rimini 2000 at The Barge Irish Pub.

My collaborations included local and international musicians, painters, writers and teachers from high schools ( in 2004 I was a poetry jury in Rimini for 2 years sponsored by local journalists and my high school’s teachers, with loving memory to Consalvo “Vavo” Babboni who has been a mentor and Isabella Serra, my English teacher who forced me to bring English language as subject at final exam, look 😊 ). This page is small, with a very few photos of those “glory evenings” cos I didn’t have any facebook, nor smarthone, and internet was at very beginning. Beg your pardon, I might do better SOMEDAY.

Dream On The Road in 2000.

First purpose, when doing these special events, has been promoting a Cultural Center for Studies of Native American Culture in Italy. Since I had many contacts in the local Irish Pub I hang on my Saturdays, in my twenties, I found that it was a good time to put all energies together for a good cause.

One of musicians who took part to the event, a bass guitarist, was a firefighter, in everyday life (destiny, yes) who helped me building this website for collecting stuff and material around Carla Fornasari and her project. She owned 1000 pieces collection of original handcrafts in her house-museum in Carpi.

Here you find still the ruins of that website dated early 2000 – webeditor Andrea Firefox Guidi.

My friend’s website in early 2000 here. Drawings are mine, of course lol

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