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Re: Leading by Example — The Bipolar Writer Collaborative Mental Health Blog

Bonjour Edgar,

( When I reblog your article, WP states this: “you are not allowed to edit this post“, I hope it is a bug… )

Well, I like to reply your posts on my blog, so that we can share our thinking. Today I feel like giving you a feedback of what my heart has to say on your last activity and success. I hope you take it in a positive way.

Ready? go. First, I see your point of growing a writer career despite your mental health disorder diagnosed as bipolar in 2007. You remind me of my younger Italian cousin, 30, for whom I choose to publish my memoir after one year forgotten in the drawer. My first book was therapeutic and truely helped me to grip to my banister when I was loosing my head.

My job, as hotel assistant, which I loved, gone. My boyfriend and “best friend”, faded. No money left. Family in another Country, and disfunctional. Long term stress due to overwork, and losses. This happened after terror attacks in Paris, which I lived as assistant, with a crowd in panic to care for, and twice. January and November 2015. I felt isolated, and lost to say the least. You know what I am talking about: this was my dark night of the soul.

Now, I published the memoir cos my cousin went through panic attacks for 7 years, and followed a therapist, which eventually became her second mother. In fact, when he published his first poetry book, buying a credit, her mum sat down next to his therapist. Same disfunctional family.

What I want to say by that is be careful to stick to your values. You are working hard and can get easily overwhelmed. Now that you graduated and published your first memoir, you should take a breath, and celebrate what you could accomplish.

You say in your post that your blog is not quite running and you are asked to feed with enough articles and add schedule to your time management.

Ok, I see completely. My blog went down one full year. Nobody cared. Neither I did. I am not my blog’s bit**, I have a regular job (enough for a living), and don’t give a damn of statistiques. My question is: what is your true purpose now?

You wanted to become a writer, as therapy, and to spread awareness on mental health? You did. Sure, I previously congratulated posting and sharing cos I like your face lol One thing is not on your favour, still.

Let me tell you, if you were concerned about stigma and people’s judgemental behaviour, look at what you did: I read your author’s page on Amazon, you introduce your self as brand “The Bipolar Writer”.

What if you heal one day? Did you consider?

In my mental health curricula, I have been bipolar, schizofrenic, and eating disorders maniac, self harm, panic attacks, social anxiety, what else? enough by now, I hope, I took drugs, and I was blessed, thanks to divine love of the Universe, meeting with holy medicine men who mentored me.

My mental health issues or physical and nervous break down don’t define me. Be mindful not to get trapped by your own ego persona who wants you to get stuck and play a role for a business target.

Take a good care of you.

Heroes in crisis by Tom King.

Parisian Sparkle (*) Webeditor, Dreamer and Author

ps. (*) not a brand, nor a label, just a nickname on a penpals website.

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