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Federica Pellegrini: “Fight for your Self.”

20 novembre 2015 · from my facebook :

Repeat to yourself, “This will not last forever.” And remember that you’re the only one that can truly get you out of this rut. No one will fight for you like you will fight for yourself. So get out there and fight.

**Italian Swimmer World Record and Gold Medal**

Federica Pellegrini is now retiring after a long career as sport Champion in Swimming. She is not only very attractive, but a real source of strenght and inspiration. One of her tatoos on her neck is a phoenix. She knew loss of her coach and various physical injuries on her journey, but never gave up.

**Phoenix araisen**

“What it happens in the last 50 meters? It’s my last 50 meters, my race is like that.”

Her race is like that.

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