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Poppies for Hope and Peace.

On 11th November, both French and Brits remember the end of First World War.

When I first arrived in Paris, in the end of 2007, I didn’t even imagine that they were celebrating this official date on the European Agenda. Cos in Italy, my home Country, the war ends on 4th of november, but I don’t have any memory of this event’s celebration.

Did we win? Yes, after connecting with the Net, I can validate that we won and allied were the US. Most famous camerade Ernest Hemingway did participate to the special event in Northern Italy, and wrote “Fiesta” once passing by in Paris.

Ernest Hemingway with Agnes in Milan 1918.

The UK ceremony fot this 11th november was stunning. Here you get what’s about.


A poppy is an acknowledgement of those who came before us and fought for our freedom and lost their lives doing it. #Neverforget is more than just words for us.


Poppies were found growing fast around graves around the time the First World War ended. They mark not just the end of war but the hope for a better future and a better way.

Queen Elizabeth has been seen wearing five poppies since 2016. Some say that she has chosen to do so to represent the five services active in the World Wars.

They help vets
During 1922, disabled former soldiers were put to work making poppies in factories. Several organisations have since continued making them to raise money to support former soldiers.


Other countries wear them too
Apart from the UK, poppies are used in Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. The Royal British Legion sends around three million poppies to 120 different countries, including France, Germany, Sri Lanka, Cyprus and Spain.

With courtesy of Forces Penpals the official website for military support dating and social networking.


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