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Being a “Gifted” Person. What a pressure?

Today I got this article in my mails, and I am glad to share the message this lady puts in her story.

First, I never felt gifted for anything, except my writing skills, and yes, I have always wondered if writing books or articles could be a way for me to get to Success.

In 2005 and 2006 I was asked to write articles on a local magazine, and it was just amazing, to finally express my point of view on topics I could choose around “identity”.

My editor wanted me to put my wit and sense of humour in it. The local magazine was free and reached all people of my hometown. Thousand and five hundred copies. Also, I earned 15 euros per each article. That was pretty cool.

In fact, it was a way for me to – finally – get attention from my father, who was very macho as Italian man, and had a belief that women didn’t have any right of speech. Wow ( yes! and I still love him ). My writing earned his consideration as “thinking being”, as Woman Writer. Bingo!

Lately, in 2016-17, I went through one of toughest time of my life. This time I was alone, and my family (my mother) couldn’t do it for me. I definitely had to grow up in managing with difficulties, and so I did. A time for life challenge, and Growth. During one year and a half, my spare time was taken by writing ….so, I finally did it, and I wrote my book, and you know what?

Today, I don’t give a damn. For sure, If I take it and start reading all my struggle takes a breath and starts kicking again. That’s not the purpose. The goal was simply writing a book, not being succesful, or becoming a best-seller. Get it?

Btw I am putting my memoir in italian on an english speaking website 🙂 This is the proof that sales are not the point ( not even sure any of my friends really bought it on Amazon as they told me to please me lol ).

But I want to show you that if you want it, you can do it. And the fact to put it on a “form”, as book, with pages and stuff, can be really amazing. It will be the company of my old days, I bet it. When I will laugh about all this shit called “getting a job and stick on to it in order to pay off your bills”, or “fake it until you make it”.

Potential is there. Okay. What gives a sense to it? In my case, sharing my values and feelings, or thoughts, that’s a grand deal. The rest, is not my business.

So, the job career I am leading now, it’s not really about evolution, or promotion, which seem to be forbidden to me, like I didn’t deserve, understand? Burn out in a job career profile puts a dot on your CV, right? You are no more trustable. Your manager gives you a chance, first because she needs you, second, because she has to. Def, Occupational Medicine is there to protect you, guys and gals…. find a good listening, this is the first step to get help.

Well, my job career, today, it’s simply about Resistance. Resist the cliché, resist the pressure of too much work (they just want to put machines and goodbye humans), and keep my smile shining out loud. There are a few lessons I learnt here, now that I am signing my next contract on a term, of 12 months, … one of these:

Many of people around you – unconsciously, or not – wish that you are not happy and hope that things in your life don’t go the way you want, because they are frustrated, and damn, they are so jealous of others lives and success !!!

Have a ** GOOD DAY **

Stay alive xx

Back from holidays.


It’s OK for me to be “gifted” and not be “living up to my potential,” by society’s standards. Living up to your potential is a lie our society tells us. Forget this arbitrary standard of potential. You don’t owe anything to the world if you are “gifted.” Live your life the way that is right for you. Managing your mental illnessesthat in itself makes you a warrior fighting an important battle. Every day, choose how you want to live. Live your life the way that makes sense to you. I believe that even when battling chronic mental illnesses, we can find ways to have peace and joy, by our own standards. And I believe we all deserve that.

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