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The Story of the Spider and the Bee.

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Well, I love to believe that human soul spirits transform into animals before evolving somewhere else. Or bugs, whatever.

So, a couple of days ago, on my way to work, I see this bee caught in a spider web. still alive and kicking. with a black big spider rushing on her way. don’t ask me. I take my phone and tie the web with the bee on my phone. and throw her on the ground. free her from the web. to fly again.

I say to the spider: “You will have your brunch later today.”

and go my way. and then, I wonder, “perhaps it was the time for that bee”… imagine if there is a soul spirit trapped in there. which needs to evolve and pass to another step in its karmic evolution. I did something against its own wealth. it wasn’t my intention. I wanted the bee to live a longer life. what’s the purpose? did I feel better because the bee survived? nope. I felt like guilty cos the spider was doing its web new again. to feed her self. and I played God for a moment. why? ego? or just I like bees more than spiders  honey is feeding me, and I was biten by spiders twice. only once by a bee. lol

ok the story doesn’t have an end. you find the meaning. we will pass away one day. and perhaps we will know by that time.

maybe, not.

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