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The “Artist Man Collection”. Voilà!

Yep, as I promised, here we are … my handcrated Vintage Cards collection is ready to go. Sure, this side of the project will be more artistical than commercial, nevertheless my idea refers to little markets to support my activity both for buying supplies and grow as “crafter”, and also to spread our message around.

Note: I am using ink, mixed media, painting, gesso and journaling techniques, kraft paper, pencils, pens …and my single Artist Man got finally a friend! The fact is that I’ve ordered a “Man” as mannequin, but I received the same body shaped-item that I had from a parisian art shop, which is supposed to be the “Woman”.

So, now you can figure out the following sceneries :

1) my artist man is lesbian, and I will earn LGBT followers from now on.

2) who cares?

enjoy it 😉 




Just in case, you can find the link to my Etsy Shop here.


Paris Café”.



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