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The Power of Oregano Oil and the Battlefield inside.

After my try with Garlic, I took over my daily hours job and for the side story, my gum disease got even worse. Next visit at the dentist will be in one month and a half. Yuk!

The challenge is to get to 18th may in a good health condition and a big smile. You know, I have been through antibiotics, and perhaps developed an allergy, or whatever. Now, I found this miracle oil and I will go to the matterass with it and bacterias.

If you wonder what’s the matter with writing about gums, in this blog, well, I have started having diseases when I actually was stressed out, and bleeding gums became chronical since.  Despite the statistiques say that Paradontite happens to 60 per cent of people, I feel still like it is my fault. And it acutally is. Stress can impact your immunitary system and that lead to many disfunctional illnesses that you can’t even imagine.

Awareness starts from understanding that our lifestyle and our health are strictly related. Habits and hygiene, as well. Of course, I quitted smoking. And I am keeping on oil pulling more times a day.  Never more without my coconut oil.

Now, back to infections and bacterias … let me share with you the amazing benefits of this powerful oregano oil. Careful if you are pregnant and check out for the use and how not to use. Natural remedies with essential oils are not a urban legend. But I won’t say do it your self, and go all the way. This remedy is only a way to get safe to your rendez vous with a professional. Gums infections can be very dangerous and reach out to heart attack if blood carry mean bacterias, ok?

If you want to share your experiences or tips about oregano oil, please, don’t hesitate and leave a comment below. Merci, I would really appreciate it.

ps. after five days I’ve been to the doctor, it was getting very bad. Ok, oregano oil for next time. Perhaps! Also, D Vitamin deficiency is a real problem here in parisian area, because of almost zero sunshine all over the year.

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