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Garlic — a Natural Antibiotic?

080811Yes, be brave. It’s worse than you can imagine, but it works.

So, here I am to witness the power of garlic as a natural antibiotic. You see, part of this blog is dedicated to ayurvedic/holistic impact of natural remedies on my health. And perhaps, yours, for a change.

My gum diseases, if you were wondering, are back after regular antibiotics, and eventually it got worse after a week. This time, I won’t give it up. And I am becoming quite experienced on oral hygiene basics. Sure, it is not sexy. Not even a little bit. Especially, this afternoon, after keeping chewing garlic on my mouth. And swish.

My routine from today on: first, I start with oil pulling, coconut or sesame oil, at the wake up, during my 20 minutes meditation (no longer or your body will absorb it), second hot water and sodium bicarbonate or salt to wash your mouth. Remember to throw coconut oil and saliva in your toilet (it becomes solid).

Germs and bacterias shall be warned.

Let’s hang on.

By the way, I also found origan oil (and still waiting for Achillea for repairing), in order to sobstitute garlic as antibacterian and antiseptic, since I would like to keep my social life. What do you think about?



Back in the nineteenth century, the French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur examined the use of raw garlic juice as a potential antibacterial agent and found garlic to be capable of killing bacteria much in the same way as penicillin does.

Consequently, garlic was used widely as an antibacterial agent to disinfect and heal wounds during World War II. Since then, several research studies published in medical journals have confirmed the antibacterial and antiviral properties of garlic. In addition to its ability to control bacterial and viral infections, garlic has been shown to fight and heal infections caused by other microbes and worms.

Due to the healing properties of garlic derived from its antibacterial and antiviral activity, this medicinal herb has also used in the treatment of some infections that are difficult to treat due to the presence of bacteria that have become resistant to prescription drugs such as antibiotics. However, more research is needed in this area before definite conclusions about the efficacy of garlic as an antibiotic can be made.

With courtesy of Health with Food


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