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Radiate peace. Yoga time.

When is your fave moment in a day to take time for your Self? Here you find a video from my (not so) personal coach, since at least one year now. With courtesy of Michelle Goldwin from LA, California. Since last stress peak, I’ve actually started feeling more balanced, focused, flexible and in a better mood after starting being regular. Before, I thought that it was simply not possible for me, finding the time. Thank’s to this nice lady, I can vary any time, and stick into my progress, when I feel like. Does it sound like a spot? It actually is. But it’s for free, as it is following and subscribing to this You Tube Channel.

One of the purposes of this blog, it is to give away without asking for any bills. Let’s start from yoga practice. It’s free, but it doesn’t mean it is not working. The harder you work, the quicker you get the results.

Yoga means no agenda. Forget “quicker”. Relax and get moving, slowly but surely.

You’ll tell me.

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