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Military Dating Sites, and Reality.

femmes-pendant-la-guerre-14-18-24-638Yes, I’ve been there, but as this cute girl in the article below says, for me, too, paying for chatting (or dating) is like paying for sex, and this doesn’t fit to my values and standards until now.

But I’d like to write my intentions, in black on white, once for all. I have been penpalling all my life, until internet speeded up mail. I liked to take my time  to write and open up to perfect strangers that became deep realationships, in time, and friends for a lifetime.

Since I work for an american company, in Paris suburbs, sometimes I feel like on a forward base. Orange alert is still on in France, and military staff used to take their lunches at cafeteria, with their rifles, at a first time. Then, finally, they could hide their weapons, anywhere else, than down kitchen chairs and tables. So, their presence is quite familiar to me, now. They are often very young, in their twenties, and they surely get bored easily of this service, here. But at least, they are safer than deployed.

When my friend started dating his navy led, who became her husband, I got quite jealous. They met each other on a match site, he had enough of gals who wanted only his body and fun, laugh, and she came out a 14 years marriage ended with divorce. Her ex left with a 18 years old babe, and, of course, he also tried to come back when it was all over. Never mind, my friend, in the mean time, was gone. Nowadays, admit, this beautiful high tech, broken hearts can satisfy their purpose of healing, pretty quickly. Or, do they?

This fact kicked my ass a little bit, I couldn’t believe that nobody can still match each other out of online dating. For sure they can, except if you are over 40. So, I have started, me too, looking for good matches, but no way, french don’t suit me. Or perhaps, white hair, scare the audience. And really short hair attract women, but unfortunately, I am not interested. Then, I prepare my Self for a long term single life. Peaceful and quiet.

Because I have this empathy for deployed, and this project will show care for their homecoming, I wanted to share with you this article, and my wish to bring back that feeling of “Marraines de Guerre”, from I and II WorldWar. This initiative of supporting troops moral raised in France in 1918. Some of the ladies gave a bad reputation to the club, as well as soldiers who made collection of ‘godmothers’ in order to gain more packages and success among camerades. But generally speaking, this kind of correspondance lifted up the hearts of many brave men who served in the past WorldWar, and allowed to ladies, too, to play a supporting role in their society.




“Everyone knows: Being single sucks sometimes. You know what’s worse than being single, though? Trying to find a relationship using dating sites. But if that wasn’t enough, there are also military dating sites. So I decided to try three of them for a month. Needless to say, I didn’t find love … just some lonely men who seem to have, as one guy put it, “been used, abused, and cheated on.”

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