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Fight the good fight, as a bad asshole.

To be honest with you, I let my brother kick my ass all my childhood. Also, my father kind of humiliated me, because as a girl, I wasn’t supposed to talk and express my Self, until 18. Sure, I forgave him, he wasn’t just prepared as a listener, neither as a father of a sensitive and emotional “tomboy”. Also, I’ve let kick my ass from a few assholes as bosses, and a perfect idiot, as boyfriend.

Until the day I went for Tae Kwon Do and thai boxe as amateur. At that time, I was working in the night shift, and before clocking my badge, I went to the gym with my colleagues and worked out. The coach, a cambodgian chinese, called me “battered woman” and still puts me on my nerves. But he was right.

Today, I knoe the power of my legs, and even my mind – of course – became stronger. I also learnt how to be a good swimmer. Despite my brother efforts to test my resistance, pushing my head down the water, yes, kind of sadic. If I can use my own words, sometimes life gives you kicks in your ass or in your teeth, and it’s up to you to fight back.

How will you behaviour?

I knoe that in order not to be a Victim, you have to respond with all your energy, like in a rape assault. You are not a victim if you react properly until you feel safe.

“A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.” Emo Philips

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    1. Yes, it all starts in the legs, thank you, this is an amazing post:) I’ve been on Camino (the way) in Spain on a bycicle, in 2003, but it seems like you are starting a big adventure… is ginger your dog? Ever heard of Annie Londonderry and her tour around the world? Very good at finding sponsors … she might inspire you 😀 keep it up xx

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